The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as; “the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.”

Wellness is often confused with terms such as health, wellbeing, and happiness. While there are common elements among them, wellness is distinguished by not referring to a static state of being (i.e., being happy, in good health, or a state of wellbeing). Rather, wellness is associated with an active process of being aware and making choices that lead toward an outcome of optimal holistic health and wellbeing.

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Ms. Veronica Madikgetla is a qualified and registered Social Worker. She has been part of the Holy Rosary Team since 2017, working in the Aftercare Centre girls with their homework. Ms Madikgetla is based in the Isivivane Room (Isivivane is an IsiZulu word meaning “throw your stone upon the pile” and is used to mark a place of spiritual significance). Here she provides counselling for the high school girls. She is passionate about guiding, supporting, and advocating for the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of our pupils.

Ms. Madikgetla works together with the teachers and grade tutors to provide individual and group counselling sessions. Isivivane is a safe space where the girls can speak about their social-emotional wellbeing and receive the necessary support and guidance that will allow them to mitigate and prevent the challenges that they are faced with. At Holy Rosary School we believe that each girl has a place where their God-given talents can be nurtured and developed. 

Mrs Chantelle Ballossini is a qualified teacher and Educational Psychologist. She has been part of the Holy Rosary team for 14 years. Mrs Ballossini helps by providing individualised academic assistance to the girls either on a one-on-one basis or in small groups.  She works mainly with the Intersen Phase students building their English and comprehension skills, and Mathematical concepts.


Mrs Ballossini has also taken on the role of School Counsellor in the Primary School, where she provides a safe space for the girls to discuss any challenges they may be experiencing. Her passion lies in ‘looking after’ the mental health and wellness of the girls, as well as her colleagues.  She practices mindfulness and is teaching the girls the skill of mindfulness.

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Looking back at the past 15 months, we have seen many changes in the world at large, but more specifically in our school community and classrooms. Our children have had to learn to embrace change at an alarming rate. One day they are at school, happily learning and socializing and the next they are told that they need to remain at home due to this horrible thing called Covid. They are seeing parents, grandparents and families getting ill and may have even lost a friend or loved one. This in itself, can be seen as a “trauma.” Trauma is the result of a distressing or disturbing event that affects our sense of security, our emotions and leaves us feeling helpless and anxious. Despite the fear of actually contracting the virus, the feelings of isolation and breakdown in daily routines just heighten their anxiety levels.

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