In the Primary School, the girls are encouraged to be involved in a variety of sports at different levels. Sport is compulsory from Grade 3 to Grade 7 and the girls may choose to participate at a competitive level (in a team) or on a social level. At Holy Rosary, not only do we embrace sport in the physical sense, but we combine it with mental strength and vitality.  Every sport is linked to lessons taught through Life Orientation, helping girls to understand what it means to be truly healthy and fit.

The following sports are offered at HRS: 



Swimming plays a big role in the life of Holy Rosary as we believe that swimming is a skill for life. Our resident swimming coach is available for extra lessons, per arrangement. 

Holy Rosary School



Our eight Hockey teams successfully participate in the Private Schools’ Friendly League and every year sees provincial representation by several Holy Rosary girls. Our girls also attend the annual Riverside Hockey Tournament.  

Holy Rosary School /Hockey

Athletics and Cross Country


Athletics and Cross-Country form an integral part of the fitness component of sport at Holy Rosary




Holy Rosary tennis teams compete admirably in local tournaments and our resident coach is available every afternoon for extra lessons, per arrangement. The Sun City Tennis Tournament is a favourite tour each year

Holy Rosary School /Tennis



We are proud to be able to field over ten Netball teams. Holy Rosary hosts two major netball tournaments drawing schools from surrounding areas. The girls attend an annual camp for extra skills and training. 

Holy Rosary School /Netball



Rowing is offered to the Grade six and Grade seven girls.   

Holy Rosary School /Athletics
Holy Rosary School /Rowing


Both the Primary and High Schools compete in the SANESA Ekurhuleni Interschools’ competitions.  This consists of four Qualifiers, from which the four best riders in each discipline are chosen to represent Gauteng at the Finals.

Holy Rosary School/Equestrian