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Service to school and community at Holy Rosary forms an integral part of our school. We believe that by making a meaningful difference to the lives of others, our girls will cultivate a social conscience and develop into young women with compassion, humility and responsibility.

The discipleship of our founder, Bishop Joseph Shanahan, and the missionary work of the Holy Rosary Sisters, has given us remarkable and worthy examples that our staff and girls strive to follow in their outreach work and in the community.  

We do this in many ways – both internally at school and externally in our community. 


Shanahan Co-Workers

This is a voluntary society at the school and its name honours the legacy of our founder.  This society is a group of Grade 6 and 7 girls who meet once a week to extend a helping hand to those who are less fortunate than they are.  Past activities and beneficiaries have included:

  • Collection of Easter eggs for many in our community – for example our Phumelela Outreach Programme, and Little Eden

  • Collection and distribution of toys, clothes, stationery and household goods

  • Visits to the Holy Rosary Sisters

  • Annual Christmas party for pre-school children, at homes such as the St Francis’ Care Centre

  • Making of sandwiches for soup kitchens during winter

  • Knitting of squares for blankets and the collection of scarves and blankets during winter.


Johannesburg Mini Council Representatives

Two Grade 6 pupils are selected to represent Holy Rosary Primary School at the Johannesburg Mini Council (JMC).  The Primary School actively assists these girls in collecting items for their Outreach projects.


Grade-specific projects

Every year, each grade in the school takes ownership of a specific cause. Previous beneficiaries have included:

  • Compass (Community Provision and Social Services)

  • Cotlands Baby Home

  • Door of Hope

  • Needykids Daycare in Diepsloot

  • SPCA

  • Strathyre Girls’ Home

  • Edenvale Hospice

  • Various organisations working at protecting and saving our rhinos


Our Grade 7 girls can volunteer to join the Hospitality Team – where they assist at many school events with catering, tours, welcoming and general public relations.

Holy Rosary School/Service
Holy Rosary School/Service
Holy Rosary School/Service