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Respice Stellam - 'Look to the Star' - is our school's motto. 

These words appear in the school's Hymn and are used to express a love of learning. These words are derived from a conscious appreciation of all the gifts given to us by God and our faith in our heavenly mother, Mary, who is the ultimate 'Star' in our Holy Rosary 'universe'. 

Just like the universe is made up of a variety of stars, some smaller than others, some brighter, some further away, some older than others and new ones forming, so our school is made up of a variety of stars. Our shining starlets, our reason for existence, our girls, shine in the classroom, on the sports field, on stage and in giving to others. Our amazing teachers dedicate their time to encouraging our starlets in their care to assimilate attitudes and values which will enable them to become life-long learners and appreciate and develop their God-given talents all whilst acquiring important skills. 

Have a listen to what our Grade 1's and Grade 7's had to say about HRS ... 


Use the blocks below to virtually navigate through the different aspects of our 'school universe'. 

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