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At Holy Rosary, we are very conscious that we are preparing our young women for a world that is changing so rapidly that the workplace they will one day enter bears very little resemblance to the workplace we know now. More than ever, the world needs young people who are well-rounded, who are communicators, who are flexible, who have resistance, determination, leadership, co-operation and social responsibility. 

We strive for a holistic education that meets our girls' needs - academically, spiritually, culturally and physically. Our aim is to give our girls the most relevant education for today and prepare them for the world of tomorrow. Each of our girls is unique and we strive to constantly provide them with the opportunities they need to discover what they love and then develop their God-given talents so that through hard work and dedication they will one day take their place in serving their community. 

Use the blocks below to take a virtual tour through the different parts that make up our wonderful school.