Why a girls only school?

Based on research, and our own experience – single-sex education promotes growth in self-confidence levels, develops strong self-worth and encourages stereotypes to be ignored. There is evidence to suggest that girls are more focused on their goals. Read more

Why a Catholic school?

Catholic schools promote religious and moral formation, and form part of a strong Catholic community. The Catholic faith embraces girls and families from all faiths, and is fortunate to have a diverse group of religions represented within the school.

Does the school go on any tours?

The school goes on Grade outings to coincide with the curriculum. There are some compulsory grade tours in certain grades, all of which are included in the Annual General Levy. Extra sport, culture, outreach and overseas tours are organised annually by the school but these are not compulsory.

Does the school offer any socialising activities with boys?

Yes, the school has a close relationship with its brother school - St Benedict’s. From Grade 0 to Grade 12 joint activities are arranged during the year.

How important is it to be Catholic to attend Holy Rosary?

You do not have to be Catholic to attend Holy Rosary School. Although we educate within the Christian Ethos, all faiths and denominations are accepted and valued. We nurture values which are accepted by people of faith and moral fibre. However, all students are expected to respect the Catholic Ethos and participate in various celebrations and masses.

Are extra lessons offered if the girls need them?

Yes, extra lessons are offered in both the Primary and High School and teachers will always endeavour to assist wherever necessary.

Why do we write IEB examinations?

The I.E.B. is committed to maintaining a high standard of education nationally, which effectively prepares students for tertiary education and any career path they may choose to follow. The IEB exams are considered to be challenging and comprehensive, and are highly regarded by both local and international educational institutions. Students with excellent IEB results have been accepted by overseas institutions without taking further requirements such as A-levels.

Are there scholarships and bursaries available?

Yes, we have academic, sport and cultural scholarships, awarded based on merit. These are applied for in Grade 7 by students wishing to come into the High School the following year. Limited Bursaries are made available, and are based on individual circumstances, family means and student achievements. This process is very different to that of scholarships, and applications have to be accompanied with a letter of motivation, which is submitted to the Finance Committee of the Board of Governors for careful consideration.

How many students per class?

Our classes have a maximum of 26 girls, to facilitate the high quality of teaching and allow teachers to give our students the best possible individual attention. The Primary School has three classes per grade, and the High School has four classes per grade to open up space for external candidates.

What are our Matric results like?

Year on year our Grade 12 girls achieve outstanding results with many distinctions. Our matrics consistently achieve a 100% pass rate and well over 95% of our girls achieve a Bachelor Degree Entry pass. We are immensely proud of the Class of 2019, their achievements were as folllows: 100% Matric pass 76 matriculants produced 179 distinctions Distinction ratio of 2.3 distinctions per matriculant IEB Outstanding Achievement – achieved within the top 5% in 6 or more Subjects and achieved a rating level of 7 in Life Orientation: Lauren Hutton and Ziqi Zhao IEB Commendable Achievement – achieved within the top 5% in 5 Subjects and achieved a rating level of 7 in Life Orientation :Catherine Buffey IEB Top 1% of Candidates Per Subject: Catherine Buffey (Consumer Studies and Life Sciences), Anika Oosthuizen (Geography), Lauren Hutton (Geography, Information Technology, Mathematics and Physical Sciences), Sianne Downes (Geography), Jade Phillips (Life Sciences), Ziqi Zhao (Life Sciences and Mathematics)