Our vision, created by our founders, guides us in all that we do:

“We dedicate ourselves to the honour and glory of God and the vision of the Holy Rosary Sisters which urges us to value the uniqueness and potential of each individual and to strive for excellence in education within the context of a changing South African and global society.”

We nurture God-given talents and potential in an environment of educational excellence. However, our girls’ education expands beyond the classroom – through sport, culture, spirituality and service – where they are given the opportunities to develop further skills, and the guidance and tools to lead happy, balanced and successful lives.

Holy Rosary School


Our school has deep roots

Bishop Joseph Shanahan founded Holy Rosary Convent in 1940. He was joined by the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary from Ireland. Bishop Shanahan's mission was to empower women of Africa through education. 

These courageous Missionary Sisters, gave up their lives in Ireland to come to South Africa for a greater purpose. They came to South Africa to help others. They loved people beyond themselves. They worked in the fields and built the school. They achieved a massive lasting legacy - a school that nurtures the girls of today into the women of tomorrow.

The school stays true to the values of our founders:

  • Empowering women

  • Service to Community

Holy Rosary School | History
1940 1st Convent School
Holy Rosary School | History
Bishop Joseph Shanahan
and first pupils
Holy Rosary School | History
Holy Rosary School | History
1941 School Field
1958 New Convent


We like to encourage parents to become actively involved and make a positive impact on all aspects of their daughter's school life. 

HRS Parents' Association
Holy Rosary School